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What it Really Takes to Be There For Our Kids
July 22, 2015


Lots of mamas out there are making a big mistake. It’s a mistake with the best of intentions. A mistake from the heart.

We want to give our best to our children. To be the best mother possible for them. We want to correct the mistakes of the past.

These are the intentions.

The mistake happens when we give to our children so much that we neglect ourselves.

You know what this looks like. It doesn’t have to be extreme:

It can look like the working mom who has that constant to-do list in here head. She’s forgotten what it feels like to sit down with a book.

It might be the stay-at-home mom who is always catering to the needs of her children and her home, but rarely herself.

The result? She feels stressed and overwhelmed. But that’s not even the worst part. She’s completely undermined her original intention: to give her best to her children. Instead of giving her best, she’s giving them the depleted, stressed version of herself.


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023: “We Teach By BEING” Tibetan Yoga with Rose Taylor Goldfield
July 15, 2015


I love that I’m always learning new things about yoga and mindfulness.

In today’s podcast, you too can learn about a totally new form of yoga that I didn’t even know about!


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Mindful Parenting: How to Focus on What Really Matters
July 8, 2015


**Hunter here. Enjoy this guest-post from my  friend Carla Naumburg!

I wish I could tell you that it was a noble search for truth or a deep spiritual quest that brought me to mindfulness, but it was something much more banal.

I just wanted to stop yelling at my kids so much.

After months of trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to whisper instead of yell or do ten jumping jacks when I felt tense, I found mindfulness. The more I learned about mindful parenting, the more I understood what it is really about, and how it is different from what I had been doing all along.

For so long, I had been trying to fix myself. I saw myself as flawed, as a bad mother who needed to be better. Sometimes I still do feel that way. But each time I let myself get caught up in that kind of negative thinking, I just feel worse. I feel stressed and ashamed, and I end up yelling all over again.

Taking a mindful approach to my experience is just the opposite. (more…)

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You’ll never guess where we are right now
July 1, 2015

mindfulness rd

I’m not writing this from home because I’m totally offline this week. Myself, my husband, and my girls – we’re away.

And it’s definitely not your average summer vacation!

There’s no pool. No beach.

And, get this…no ice cream.

Indeed, there isn’t any beer, wine or even coffee. Crazy, right?

I know it seems weird, but we’ve felt more calm, relaxed moments – and, above all, peace – here than in most other places.

Where the heck are we?


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022: Body Acceptance & Curvy Yoga with Anna Guest-Jelley
June 10, 2015

Today’s podcast is dedicated to everyone who has every struggled or who is currently struggling with body image.

Is that just about everyone?!?

We live in a culture that looks down on and shames those of us with curvier bodies. The mass-market media ideal of perfection is unattainable and leaves dangerous and life-threatening scars in women. Anna Guest-Jelly is fighting that.


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