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The Surprising Way We Lie to Ourselves
July 30, 2014


I was a high school art teacher for a few years . Fresh out of grad school, I was the only art teacher for a struggling population of 1200 students. As a sensitive seeker and an artist, this was a pretty hard gig for me.

The aggressive atmosphere in the school took an emotional toll. I was wracked by anxiety almost daily.

I had panicky moments in the parking lot before school. Tears flowed. The story I told myself was, “I can’t handle this.”

What a limiting judgment on myself. At the time, I thought it was true.


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Can you have too much compassion?
July 23, 2014


When something doesn’t go the way my daughter wants, watch out. She can get really upset. It’s no fun.

In those moments, I don’t want her to feel like her strong emotions are unacceptable or “bad.” So my practice is to stay. I try to listen with compassion.

I stay.

I stay.

I stay.

Until I can’t.

You know this point. It’s when your patience has run dry. It’s become too much.  You can’t listen compassionately anymore because your own feelings are strong.

We have choices now. This is the crucial moment. It’s in this pause between the stimulus (wailing child) and our response where our freedom lies.

You can:


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How to have peaceful children
July 16, 2014


My 4-year old is sitting in a basket. My 7-year old is pulling herself over to the stairway on a pillow. The floor is the ocean, of course. They climb up the stairs (rocks) to continue their game.

I don’t interrupt this play despite the need to get to the store this afternoon. Our errand can wait.

For children, imaginative play is the corollary of mindfulness for adults. It is essential for their well-being. {Click to tweet}

You may be surprised to hear that I don’t enroll my girls in yoga for kids. I don’t try to get them to meditate. While it can be fun, young children don’t need yoga and meditation.

They are already in the moment. They don’t resist their feelings. They are fully attentive to what is right now. So no kid’s yoga unless they start asking for it.

Then how do we teach children to be peaceful?


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11: “How to jump out of bed in the morning” Ayurveda & Yoga with Cate Stillman {YSP Podcast}
July 12, 2014

Have you ever wondered how to optimize your energy? How to take healing into your own hands?

In this month’s podcast, I talk to Cate Stillman of YogaHealer.com. She is a teacher of Ayurveda – yoga’s 5,000-year old system of good health. As Cate says, Ayurveda is to look at and understand who we are and what is this body.


{Click here to play or listen on iTunes}

We talk about her journey into yoga for healing.

We talk about being a yoga mama.

We talk about surfing, becoming location-independent, and a freedom-based lifestyle.

Cate talks about beginning yoga, “I was so inflexible – physically and mentally.”

And don’t miss Cate’s technique for managing family life AND her tips for jumping out of bed in the morning energetically.

Enjoy, share, and help us get more listeners by leaving us a review in iTunes!

Be well,


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What every mindful mama ought to know about media
July 9, 2014


You know that what you eat is important to your health and well-being. It’s common knowledge that what we consume either nurtures us or depletes us.

But do you know that what you take in from TV, magazines, radio, music, the internet – even certain conversations- can be harmful?

Like many women, I used to indulge in some celebrity and other “womens” magazines that hung around the gym while I was on the elliptical machine.

Clearly it wasn’t Faulkner, but I figured it didn’t do much harm and helped me exercise while I couldn’t run.

What I didn’t realize was how I responded to those images.


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