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The reason you have trouble putting your parenting values into practice
October 29, 2014


“Why is this taking you so long?!” Inside her head, she was screaming at her pre-schooler. Outwardly, my friend Stephanie clearly showed him her impatience. Physiology doesn’t lie.

“The shoes need to go on if we are ever going to get out the door. Why is this so hard?” That’s what she was thinking. “Come on, Will. Put on your shoes so we can go,” is what she said.

Will looks at her and doesn’t start putting on his shoes. He does the opposite. He starts taking off his socks.

And so it happens. Stephanie yells. She threatens. Will cries.

It’s so frustrating because she had been dedicated to not yelling. She wanted to be peaceful. Empathetic.

“I have all of these values. But sometimes in the moment, I have trouble living up to those values.”

Can you relate? I can. It’s hard to change behavior patterns. They are ingrained in us from childhood. (But I’m not blaming our parents. I know that my mom and dad were dealing with the same thing.)

We want to make changes, but we find we can’t. What’s the going on?


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The BIG Mistake I Made As a Young Parent (and 6 practices so you don’t make the same mistake!)
October 22, 2014


The sling and the ergo baby carrier were essential.

Co-sleeping? Check.

Nursing? Of course.

Wooden toys? No way was I having my little one suck on plastic.

I really wanted to get it right when I was a mom. I wanted to be always kind, calm and loving. I wanted to correct mistakes my parents made.

Of course I did.

But I had a big mis-perception. It caused a lot of struggle and suffering for me.


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The #1 thing you need to live & parent consciously
October 15, 2014


This journey of conscious mothering isn’t easy. 

Most of us were raised in an authoritarian culture. This taught us: 

  • Not to listen to our bodies (Eat everything on your plate).
  • Not to trust ourselves (Teachers or parents are always right).
  • Not to feel our feelings (Don’t be sad. Don’t cry. It’s not so bad). 

However, living and parenting mindfully requires that we: 

  • Tune into our bodies
  • Love and trust ourselves
  • Mindfully feel our feelings 

So, it’s not so easy. 


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014: Sadie Nardini on Core-Strength Vinyasa and rockin’ your truth {YSP Podcast}
October 11, 2014

Who is my unlikely yoga teacher & What is this new kind of yoga?


If you have practiced yoga with me in person or through video, you know that my style of teaching is different.

It’s not called Core-Strength vinyasa because we are working towards rock-hard abs.

Core-Strength means that each movement originates in the center of your body and with your breath

When I discovered it, I went to a workshop given by a yoga rock star. I was skeptical.

I left totally blown away.


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How to grow from a major parenting screw-up
October 8, 2014


The real truth about yoga teachers (at least this one) is that we really need it. 

You might be surprised to know that I’m not a naturally calm, zen person. In fact, along with a lot of great stuff, I inherited quite a temper from my parents and ancestors. I came to yoga and meditation because I really needed it. 

And I still do. 

Last week my 7-year old had a big emotional storm. 


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