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Simplify Series 3: 10 Ways to Slow Down & Savor Life, Even When You’re Busy
August 27, 2014


Do you feel like you don’t have enough time? When someone asks how you are, is your answer, “busy?”

Too many of us are feeling overwhelmed. Especially mamas.

When my husband and I decided to start a family, we knew that we wanted our home to be a peaceful place – a refuge. We both remembered all the time we had as kids. We envisioned our child exploring the patch of woods across the street. Just remembering, we could feel that magic spaciousness of childhood.

But now many children don’t have that kind of time & space.


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Simplify Series 2: 10 Ideas to Create More Space and Ease in Your Home
August 20, 2014


When my oldest daughter was a babe, the stuff came pouring in. There was a steady in-pouring of pink outfits, toys, etc. Bill and I were overwhelmed. We didn’t want all this stuff taking over our small home.

At the same time, I read a wonderful piece of advice – that babies only need three things: diapers, a carseat, and mama.

Aaah – I love the refreshing simplicity of that. It’s true too. Baby will actually be happier wrapped in daddy’s old t-shirt (soft and smells like daddy) and held close to mama’s breast than in a fancy outfit in a stroller.

In the end, we had more than diapers and a carseat, but we had a taste of freedom from the tyranny of stuff. The seed of simplification was sown.

The problem with too much

The care, maintenance, and debt from too much stuff is pulling many of us under. It adds a lot of stress to our lives. We are busy. Coming home to chaotic clutter and the accompanying chores, only adds to our sense of overwhelm.


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Simplify Series 1: Feel overwhelmed? Try this.
August 13, 2014


I’m reading Brigid Schulte’s Overwhelmed right now. The subtitle says it all: “work, play and love when no one has the time.” Do you feel like you don’t have time for everything? You wouldn’t be alone.

Even when my first daughter was still toddling I felt the pressure. Even though I was home with her, there were music and swimming classes to go to. The toys kept rolling in.

The cultural “should” messages hit their target. My house should be organized. My child should have cute outfits. I should be in great shape.


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12: How one mama makes history by bringing people together {YSP Podcast}
August 9, 2014

I met Mary Fetterman after attending this wonderful yoga festival in my area, Namas Day. I had to talk to the woman who put this all together, so recently I sat down with Mary.

“I just flew into it,” she says about yoga.


As I sat in her home, I realized that it was so fun to talk to her because she didn’t fit the mold of the driven leader. She’s a mom who started yoga to get in shape and just loved it. She created a yoga festival because her yoga had taught her to ask “why not?” instead of why.

Mary shows us what’s possible for each of us when we get comfortable on that edge.


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15 Ways to Tame Ourselves
August 6, 2014


If you’ve been practicing mindfulness or conscious parenting, you realize that it requires a bit of restraint on our part. We become aware of our destructive habits (a big win in itself!). Then we want to contain them.

When my first daughter turned two, I started to notice my anger and frustration popping up. It seemed like it came out of nowhere! I was having my own tantrums. This anger threw me into a tailspin for a while. I felt like a bad mother. Why was it so hard for me to control my anger?

We our always responsible for how we act, no matter how we feel. {Click to tweet!}


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