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My Big Regret About the Holidays
December 17, 2014


When I first became a mother, I resisted my in-laws version of Christmas. I judged it as being too much – too crazy, too many toys – just too much. I made a lot of judgements from my high horse.

I’m sharing this not because I think that it’s wrong for us to have had a vision of a simpler holiday.

What I regret is how much my managing and judging mind pulled me away from seeing the beauty that was there. I didn’t realize it, but it kept me from the true magic of the holidays.

When we resist the present moment, we aren’t fully there for the joy.


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Is Yoga the World’s Best Exercise? Plus… FREE Yoga!
December 10, 2014

Is Yoga the World’s Best Exercise

Recently, two women came into a class that were new to yoga. They were in their 50’s or 60’s. They were like the average of Americans in that they were overweight and stiff. They clearly had some discomfort finding a seat on the floor.

I don’t bring them up to throw them under the bus. On the contrary, I applaud their bravery in stepping into a new situation. I did everything I could to support them.

I bring them up because in that same class were two other ladies who have been my long-time students. One is at least 75 years old, if not older. Both have white hair.

I had the chance, in this class, to see the effects of yoga. In contrast to the newcomers, my long-time yogis had amazing ability and mobility. They were clearly so healthy and thriving. Having the newcomers there helped me to see this. Normally, I’m surrounded by these healthy people, so I couldn’t see what an enormous difference it was until they came.


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016: “Strength beyond anything I could imagine” Michelle Maron on the yoga of persistance
December 6, 2014

In this month’s podcast, Yoga Stories Project, I talk to Michelle Maron of Lake Champlain Yoga & Wellness.

What I love about Michelle is that despite her quiet exterior, she has an amazing tenacity. She shares her story of failing and failing again.. but she keeps on going. I hope her persistence inspires you as much as it did me.



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What is your (real) priority for the holidays?
December 3, 2014


What is your (real) priority for the holidays?

We often have our intentions, and how life actually is.

Mindfulness and the yogic practice of svadhaya, or self-study, help us see when there are discrepancies. Then we can come into alignment.

If you are anything like me, your priorities are a mix of noble and not-so-noble. I truly want to have a deep connection with my family this season. I also want to get my shopping done and find something, anything (aren’t there some loose gumballs on the top of the fridge?) to fill tomorrow’s pocket in my daughters’ homemade advent calendars.

We have our aspirations, then we get caught up in the busyness of life. How can we bring our busy lives into alignment with our real priorities?


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My Top 10 Mindful Parenting Books
November 26, 2014


When I was a little girl, I would prepare for Thanksgiving by going for my books. I needed lots of chapter books to sustain me through the 4-hour drive to grandma’s house and the return trip.

I’ve always been a big reader, and books have been probably the greatest resource of my life. Opening me up to learning from experiences and teachers that I would otherwise never have access too.

And books have been my greatest resource on the path of mindfulness, self-care, and mindful parenting.

So today, in the spirit of the gratitude of the season, I offer you a list of books that I wish I had read in the first year of my oldest daughter’s life.


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