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027: Gail Silver, Author, on Teaching Yoga & Mindfulness To Children
October 21, 2015


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I’m thrilled to share author Gail Silver with you. And we’re doing a giveaway of her book, “Peace, Bugs and Understanding,” so be sure to leave a comment on this page to enter to win!

Gail Silver, author of children’s books about mindfulness, director of Yoga Child, which brings yoga and mindfulness to Philadelphia schools. Mindfulness gives her permission to mess up sometimes. And know that’s okay.

Her book Anh’s Anger began with a quest to deal with her daughter’s tantrums. When she tried to help her daughter with anger, it set off her own issues with her own anger. 

Gail shares about treating your anger as though it was a baby in need of your care; preparing for the adventure/challenge of motherhood through yoga and mindfulness; and dealing with work as an child-advocate attorney

She wanted to help children who had been abused and neglected. She was frustrated with the “system.” So she founded Yoga Child, an organization bringing mindfulness and yoga to Philadelphia city schools. Children say, “When I breathe out, the bad things go away.”

On living a fulfilling life: “When I feel a deep pull inside of me, I develop a belief in my ability to do something and to execute it and I go. This is right and I’m going to do it.”

How has yoga and mindfulness helped parenting? “It works great when I’m doing it!” Listen to her yoga mat in the kitchen story! There will always be moments of chaos and difficulty. 

Watch a video of Ann’s Anger here. Check out Find her on Twitter: Gailpsilver, or at 

Thanks so much for reading and listening!

Remember, leave a comment below to enter a chance to win Gail’s book, “Peace, Bugs, and Understanding!”

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  • Theresa Brown

    My dear son Hunter battles with anger every day. I am so lost as to how to deal with it. He will get into a rage over the smallest thing. It brakes my hart to see him like this.

    • Hunter Yoga

      Hi Theresa, sounds like a really heartbreaking and frustrating situation. I was definitely right there when my oldest was younger. I’d be happy to talk with you more – click over to “work with me” and scroll down to the big button that says “click here to schedule.”

  • Amy Dangler

    I really enjoyed hearing all about Gail and her journey. My favorite takeaways are to keep a yoga mat close by in the stressful hours of dinner up to bed time. I can picture myself welling up with anger and quickly going to the mat and into child to just breathe. And second, to imagine a room full of monks listening when I need to keep calm in the face of chaos. Thank you Hunter for these yoga stories. Namaste

    • Hunter Yoga

      Awesome, Amy! I love your takeaways, and I’m so glad that you are enjoying the podcast.

  • Ellen

    It is so comforting to hear Gail say it’s ok to mess up. I struggle with accepting my mistakes and having self compassion, especially when it comes to parenting. I have been working on being more present with my children, being mindful of my own feelings and emotions, breathing etc – I’ve been so happy and excited to see the positive effects of it too, (on my childrens behavior and our connection with each other). But tonight I messed up, I lost my patience and I felt like a failure as a result. listening to this podcast was just what I needed to bring me back up. Thank you Gail and Hunter for being such honest, real, strong, wise women.

  • Aurora Dizel

    We have Ahn’s Anger and love it! I have learned a thing or two about living with a child with a powerful temperament. This was a really interesting share, thank you! Would love to check out her other book 🙂

  • Marilupe

    I really liked the interview. I specially loved the idea of being compassionate to ourselves…even when we mess up. Radical. Powerful. Meaningful. That’s where real change in the world is possible.

  • mogendavid

    I love Anh’s anger and used in class the other day.

    • Hunter Yoga

      It’s a great book! I’ve read it to my daughter’s often.

  • Amber Money

    I really enjoyed this episode! I love the idea of not responding to your child’s frustrations with anger and finding a way to first manage your own emotions in order to better help your child.

    • Hunter Yoga

      The random number generator says … you win! We’ll get the book sent to you, Amber. 🙂

  • JessH

    My child deals with eczema, anxiety and OCD on a daily basis. I’ve tried to help manage her feelings through meditation, breathing, and yoga and as we do it, it really does help her. We use breathing exercises often to remind her to stay present and not worry about “what ifs”. Honestly, I’ve found that the hardest part of mindful parenting for me, is reminding myself to actually manage my own feelings through meditation and yoga! Finding that time to focus on little ol’ me seems near impossible some days…most days. By bedtime I often wonder where the day went and am usually left with thoughts of things I could have handled better or things I wish I had said/did, judging and critiquing my own “mother-ness.”

  • Isabelle Harpey

    It makes me want to get the book. As a parent I very often feel powerless when my kids are angry and it takes work to deal with my emotions St that.moment too. I am convinced that yoga and mindfulness are a big key to a better and more peaceful world. I better after a yoga class or even a breathing session! I will get this book if I don’t win it! Thank you Gail (and Hunter) for leading the way. We parents need more people like you!

  • Alicia Williamson Huson

    I am actually working on getting my degree in Special Education and LOVE this!!!!!

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