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A quick decision and 5 minutes that totally changed my day
April 5, 2017

Today I was on my regular route when I made a decision that changed the course of my day. I listened to this little voice inside of me. I went down the path to the stream and I…

…hopped on rocks.

Yup, that was me – jumping from big boulder to rock to boulder in the stream.

You may be asking, what is the point of sharing this?

The point is that I made a choice to PLAY.

I took five minutes of my life and I jumped around like a little kid. I raised my arms in the air. I let go of all my worries and simply enjoyed that moment to the fullest.

Why? It releases all those happy chemicals in your brain. But more than that – you deserve it. You deserve to enjoy your life fully. And when you do, you give people around you (your children too) permission to enjoy their lives ┬ámore fully too.

After that, I went home and stopped and took a turn on our rope swing. And I am enjoying my day.

Listen, you may have had a grumpy day. You may have tons of worries and to-dos pressing on you. You may be holding sadness.

Still, I invite you to give yourself permission to play today.

  • If your whole family is grumpy, put some fun music on loudly and dance by yourself for a few minutes. They may join you!
  • Go outside and just be. Take time to do nothing. Soak in the natural world.
  • The next thing you say to your child? Let it be a playful. What is your silliest voice?
  • Say “Yes” to playing with your child. Chances are, they’re only going to want 15 minutes max. And if all you can do is 5 minutes, do that and be fully present.

Suffering and playfulness can live side by side in the same day. Sometimes we just need to remember that play is an option.

I hope that this message sparks some play for you, my friend. I’m wishing you a peaceful and grounded week.

With warmth & lovingkindness,


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