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Avital Schrieber |Play Is More Important And Easier Than You Think {60}
February 7, 2017

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This story illustrates the importance of play more than most: In studies of sociopaths stuck in prison with life sentences, NONE of them had healthy play histories.

Play and creativity are essential for children’s development but is threatened by our too-busy, achievement-oriented lifestyle. Are your kids getting enough of the right kind of play?Avital, The Parenting Junkie, and Hunter riff about the problems they have with our current educational system and why they made the choices they did. Learn Hunter’s big beef with the conventional education system and what it has to do with intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation.

Find out why you may not need as much as you think and why you may need to be LESS involved than you think.

Avital has a bonus in the comprehensive Mindful Parenting course. What is it? Working with thousands of women over the years, Hunter has put all of that learning into a comprehensive 10-week course. Mindful Parenting will give you all the tools you need to be the calm, loving and compassionate parent you were born to be.

You’ll finally be able to stop yelling and respond thoughtfully and authentically to your child. She’ll show you how to get peace in your home through loving communication skills, so you have more cooperative and happy children.

You’ll learn how to solve even the most stressful conflicts mindfully and create strong and healthy family relationships.

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