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How To Deal With Snarky Kids | Carla & Hunter Hash It Out {59}
February 1, 2017

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Recently my 9-year old daughter has been watching a certain t.v. show and coming back with some pretty snarky retorts. It’s been driving me bananas!

What do you you do about a ‘teen’ attitude in your child? How do you deal with media that may not be sending the kind of message you want?

Carla Naumburg, author of Parenting In the Present Moment, and Hunter Clarke-Fields, Mindfulness Mama Mentor hash it out in today’s episode. This is the first in a monthly installment of Carla and Hunter’s back and forth.

Mentioned in this episode: Louis C. K. talking about cell phones. This is brilliant and you should not miss this.

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  • Amy Dangler

    I got it!! Thank you so much Hunter and Carla for this topic. I too have been hearing lots of SNARK lately from my 7 year old boy. This was really a great discussion with examples and all. Also liked that you both touched on us adults using sarcasm and though it is fun (because we are adults) it may be sending mixed messages to our kids. Can you two please just podcast EVERYDAY?! 🙂

    • Hunter Yoga

      Haha! Thank you so much, Amy! I really appreciate your comment. What other topics would be helpful for us to talk about?

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