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How To Live Our Intentions Over The Holidays?
December 14, 2016


[I’ve made a special PRINTABLE PDF of 12 Holiday Intentions for you. Don’t miss it at the bottom of this post! – Hunter]

We often have our intentions, and how life actually is.

Mindfulness helps us see when there are discrepancies. Once we can see that, then we can come into alignment.

If you are anything like me, your priorities are a mix of noble and not-so-noble. I truly want to have a deep connection with my family this season. I also want to get my shopping done and find something, anything (aren’t there some loose gumballs on the top of the fridge?) to fill tomorrow’s pocket in my daughters’ advent calendars.

We have our aspirations, AND we get caught up in the busyness of life. How can we bring our full lives into alignment with our priorities?

A key step is the pause. Taking a moment to pause, we can make space for what’s really important. What is the deepest yearning of you heart this season?

What is your deepest aspiration for this time?

Pause right now. Take a moment to close your eyes and breathe with that question.

[Really. Try this.]

What comes up? Naming your true intention brings it to the forefront and will help take steps towards it.

For me, I want peace and loving connection with my family. I want to step away from busy-ness and have downtime to just be

Take a moment to bring to mind your aspiration. Then, bring to mind your to-do list. Do they mesh?

It’s in the day-to-day that our priorities, our deep aspirations, get muddled.

Somehow instead of behaving in alignment with our priorities, we behave as if having the perfect look for our house, or the right outfits, or the best gifts are a higher priority on the list. There’s no blame here. I’ve spent plenty of time caught up in it all!

It happens easily. Our culture bombards us with messages to buy constantly. We are affected by the constant exposure to this. Everywhere we go, the seeds of craving are watered in us.

Although our intention may be peace and connection, we behave as if the priority were some ideal image or managing a perfect experience.

Instead, this holiday season let’s bring our true intentions to each moment. One simple way to do that is to simply remind yourself of your intention. I make conscious intention-setting a part of my days every day, but especially in this holiday season. 

When things get hectic with the family? I know I need to be the peace that I want to see in them. I can use this intention:

I am in control of my attention. I choose to focus on peace.

Heading out to spend time with my family? Instead of expecting people to behave badly, we can set the intention to look for the good in them instead:

Today, I see the light in everyone.

Feeling overwhelmed with the events on your schedule? Give yourself permission to say “No.” Is the schedule still full? I assign this mantra to my coaching clients often:

I have more than enough time for everything important.


Do you have lots of events in your calendar? Do your in-laws overwhelm you with more toys than your children want or need? Instead of letting your critical mind take over your inner dialogue, try this intention:

I accept the abundance of the universe in my life.

It doesn’t meant that you can’t simplify later. For now, see the beauty in what’s arrived in your life.

Are you letting your critical mind run the show? 

Instead, practice to live from your intentions by making them a bigger part of your day-to-day life.

To help you live from your intentions over the next few weeks, I’ve made this printable Holiday Intentions sheet with 12 holiday intentions: 

Click Here to Get Your Printable Holiday Intentions.

Do you struggle the holidays? Start the conversation in the comments.

Thank you so much for reading today my friend. 

With warmth & lovingkindness,


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