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Permission To Totally Ignore Your Children {64}
March 8, 2017

…And Give Them Your Complete Attention too.

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Carla Naumburg joins me again for their monthly segment on the Mindful Mama podcast. We talk about a wonderful article, Give Kids Your Undivided Attention – Or No Attention At All by Catherine Newman. This author never uses the word “mindfulness” yet gives us lessons like a modern-day buddha.

We discuss the idea of fully paying attention, then fully ignoring our children and how we can all benefit from this. We talk about the power of immersive play for children, and get real about how realistic this is.

Other discussion points:

  • Carla has no problem with moms being on their smart phones at the playground.
  • Parenting advice from Jack Black, “Don’t give a happy child ice cream.”

And, as always, we discuss our personal parenting wins and fails. Find out why I think I deserve a parenting badge of honor!

Carla and I will leading a weekend retreat at the Copper Beech Institute at the end of this monthcheck  out the Mindful Mothering Retreat here. Moms need a break too. Head over to this weekend retreat for rest and relaxation, insight, grounding, and humor. There are a few spots left!

Find more from Carla – books, articles, etc. – at CarlaNaumburg.com.

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